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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Signs and Banners: Marketing Tools?

Using signs And banners for new business marketing is a good plan. If you think you have to concentrate all your efforts on internet marketing you are wrong. Sure the internet is the way to advertise in this age of the online business world but, as I have said before, the old traditional methods work too.

Signs and banners are an easy to use marketing tool that are great for many different types of businesses. You can find local sign companies that will not only print your banner or signs, but offer design assistance (some for free with your order) so you can ensure a professional banner or sign every time. You can find these forms of advertising in almost any industry or for a number of businesses. Why would they use banners or signs if they didn't work? The fact is,they wouldn't.

Many business have used banners to promote their business during trade shows. Using this advertising strategy will guarantee you some profit, and can boost your reputation. Not only that! Banners have spurred a whirlwind of different types of banner stands that can add dramatically to your set up.

You can get all the attention you want when you use vinyl banners and vinyl signs. A favorite with many people, vinyl banners are the best choice because they are durable, simple to maintain and versatile. Moreover, one of the most vital reasons for using vinyl to make banners is that it can be used on both indoors and outdoors. Due to its durability, vinyl can be mounted, hung, attached, or pasted on most surfaces making it simple to catch attention of the passersby. And the rapid changes in technology have now allowed large vinyl banners to be printed with relative ease and comfort using the spray paint technique. Whatever size vinyl banners may be needed, there is one that can be made for you.

If banners are so effective then, why use yard signs (or bandit signs as they are sometimes called)? Many many reasons, but three come immediately to mind:

1. Business yard signs help brand your company. The public needs repeated exposure to your company in order to maintain it in long-term memory.

2. Displaying yard signs is a symbol of pride. Don’t you take pride in the work and services performed by your company? Like other proud professionals, your company can sign your work too. Use yard signs to proudly promote and advertise the work you do. This is your signature - there for the world to see.

3. Signs are a marketing tool. They act as advertising signs alerting possible clients of your services. A business can benefit from varied forms of advertising. A well-positioned printed sign can recruit many customers.

Advertising is vital to any business, organization, or cause. When you feel strongly about a company you own or an organization you belong to, you want to get the word out. You want others to use your business services, join your organization, or support your cause. And the only way to get the word out to gain the interest of others is to market or advertise whatever it is you are promoting. If you are just getting started with your marketing campaign or you are looking for a simple and cost effective way to advertise, signs and banners are a common avenue to take.


Monday, March 15, 2010

Drive by Laughter...

I don't know about you, but I sure could use a laugh to start this day off! It was a nice weekend but just not long enough to prepare me for another Monday morning :-P

So, for the sake of sanity and to relieve the extreme effort needed to reboot the work week, I give you 50 of the funniest road signs!

Hmmmmmm.... which light do I follow?

How do you pronounce that again?

How often do they have cows falling off of cliffs?

That’s just wrong.... but forewarned and all that.

You never know, you might grow wings and fly too.

Hey at least they said “Good Luck”.

That new “Dry” swimming is rough on the body.

Once you decide, you can’t turn around.

Well that’s one way to tell you.

Nothing more need be said...

To enter or not to enter... that is the question.

I’m not sure we needed to know that.

Not sure we needed to know that either...

So I wonder... next week will it be green and say “Sign in use”?

Not much to say on this one.

Not sure they even know what they mean.

This might not be the best place to take your wife....

I’ve been looking for a spot to park my house.

That’s it, it’s over.

There’s more than one way to close a freeway down.

I thought that was a secret?

Decisions decisions....

Man, thank God that sign was there, otherwise I wouldn’t have known.

We just had to put up a sign banning signs.

Long trip? They have warm beds and three meals a day.

Nope.... didn't see that one coming.

And we have been fighting to legalize this place for how long?

They got the bridge covered... just don't touch the sign!

See, signs do teach us important things!

So THAT'S what the preacher meant...

20 tourists came in - only 10 left.

Hey we had to spend some tax dollars just to let you know.

They just wanted to reassure you...

Who chose this route?

Some decisions are hard to make...

Well at least they warned you that there was a curve ahead.

I’m not sure how something is “Semi-Permanent” or how you “Deactivate” a road, but I’d be careful.

So what constitutes traffic, more than one car?

Do not adjust your hearing aid or turn up the radio... this is only a temporary silence.


Once if by land... twice if by sea... OHHHH... NVM :-P

Just in case you didn’t notice, read the sign... then hide

Now if they had just put an arrow pointing backwards, this really would have been confusing.

You have to stop by “Weed” first and pick up some supplies.

Hey man, thems the breaks!

Honey, can you walk and call someone for help? I'll wait in the car.

This dry beach is part of that new dry swimming.

Quick, which way do we go?

It was bound to happen eventually...

They mean business...


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