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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

The Importance of Marketing: Part III

Low Cost Marketing Strategies

Small businesses must be extra imaginative with their marketing efforts in order to attract customers and get them to open their wallets. Even more challenging is that most entrepreneurs have shallow pockets and shoppers are being more selective as a result of the sluggish economy and volatile stock market. This means that businesses have to get more creative while trying to save a few dollars themselves. So far we have covered WOMM and email marketing as cheap and effective ways to market your business. Another cheap but effective way to market your company is business cards.

Business cards are the most basic and versatile of all marketing tools. Always use them and hand out two at a time, but make sure they are effective. Just like the name of your business, consider choices and design your business card. Does it clearly state what business you are in and what you do? Is it clear and legible?Think of these as inexpensive billboard for your company. Your business cards have your company name, contact information etc., on them. Make sure to include your email and web address. There is a neat feature about business cards, they are two sided. Use the reverse side to list your products, services or even a special offer. Always carry them with you and pass them out. Even if your business is Internet based, you should still have them. If people don't have your web address in their hands, how will they get to your site? Believe it or not, there are web sites you can go to for free business cards. All you pay is shipping! You can also print your own cards from your PC, but professional printing is recommended, and for what they can do, business cards are very cheap. Listed below are a few places where you can get very cheap but quality business cards.

Vista Prints

Free Printable Business Cards

Giggle Print


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